Sunday, 17 April 2011

A transport of delight

Up with an 8 in the time which is surprising given the amount of work we've put in over the last day or 3.
portsmouth model engineering society bransbury parkAfter sweeping the garden I ran to swingpark where I met current Puddler Elizabeth and her Dad who went on the beer challenge with Bud last night. After a bit of climbing I ran to tunnel park in the hope that the trains were back on. They weren't but then Elizabeth and her Dad appeared, for I am a Babe magnet and she'd followed us. model train ride
 We did some climbing but then one of the train people opened up their shed so we found out these splendid trains (a mixture of steam engines and battery-powered) run 2-5pm every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, weather permitting. See below for website link. This meant we could fit in shopping and Jof could visit ErinsMum. She is in big hospital having a zip installed all the way up her tum and so won't be doing any dancing at the Easter PuddleParty.
topless cyclist and admirersThis all went off OK and as soon as we got back, we hurriedly threw the shopping into the fridge (unlike normal) and biked it straight down to tunnel park to catch the train. I'd done one circuit when Elizabeth and both parents arrived, closely followed by other current Puddler Laughing Boy Thomas so we all got on the same train - without an adult!
Then Jof arrived with Erin in tow, and we all got train rides and ice creams and played with the bouncy ball and so forth. That was when I took my shirt off and immediately the girls wanted to as well, for I am their leader. During the obligatory toilet trip Erin locked herself in the public toilet by accident and had to be rescued. Then I cycled home (still topless) and the girls chased me all the way home. Erin then came in and helped make the pinata for the party and we all got sticky with wallpaper paste: she'd taken her shirt off as soon as we got in so it didn't get covered.
My life is so dull, nothing fun ever happens.
Trains website with details of running times and how to get there:

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