Sunday, 17 April 2011

Back to reality

woodland path, bluebell woods overgrown streamSaturday 16th April 2011

Drove home nose to tail down the single horse'n'cart turnpikes of Dorset. Saw the New Forest Ponies again (they're allowed to live there after some king said he wanted somewhere to hunt a thousand years ago) and the first thing I did was go round to see Pops who was out. She'd done me a 'Missing you' card with many hearts addressed to Prince Max which will do wonders for my underfunded ego.
Gymnastics: same as last time but I'm better.
stream in a woodland dellPops came round before I'd even finished lunch and we stayed together for the rest of the day including supper with her sisters and their girlfriends. I have my feet under so many tables it's amazing I can still stand up.
Bud went out to several pubs with the PuddleDaddies and came home confused.

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