Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New genetic sequence accepted and cloned...

security camera positioning fail
Arrived at Ben's at 0800 sharp. His Mum had just broken a mirror which bodes well for our trip to the seaside today.
Had a splendid day with BensMum, her heavily pregnant friend and associated daughter Emma. We found that somebody had dug a hole on the beach so spent loads of time extending the excavation and creating many earthworks based on my knowledge of Iron age hill forts. This continued until the tide came in unexpectedly and drowned our project but that just made a paddling pool so now we're paddlers as well as Puddlers. The Canoe Lake water park is non-functional which was a setback but I came home with sand in my shoes so not all was lost.

In the evening I went to the docs for some cream for my foot. This is not remotely interesting or unusual for people of my height but it will save us a few quid at the chemist as I'm still young and beautiful so I get free medicine. However I did have a good question for the doc which was, why are there all those dots on the script between the prescribed medicine and the doctor's signature? Bud said it was to stop people writing in the name of another medicine that they're not supposed to have. So I've done a picture of a standard prescription and one that I've 'doctored' in a special and invisible way, to prove the point. See if you can guess which is the legitimate prescription, and which is the dodgy one! No points for the right answer, just feel proud of yourselves.
falsified medical prescription crime additional item
Tomorrow I go to Ben's for the third day in a row which is something we may want to avoid when doing next year's care'n'share calendar. I mean, it's great for us, beach one day and bikes the next but it's a little tough on the parents.....

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