Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pray silence for the Prime Minister of Antarctica

hilarious hotel sign, no poor people[Voice-over Man] "There will now follow a Party Political Broadcast by the Puddle Party."

Pretend this is a giant cannon on a gun on a ship (holds aloft lid from lunchbox) and it can shoot, shoot fire over the whole world....thieves are coming!! Get guns and we'll attack them....when is it sausage time, no-one's giving me a sausage....can I have the red pen I really really need it she's not sharing the red pen....

Party Activists' Uniform   No set uniform exists but pirate costumes are always popular, as are paper hats. In a weather-dependent decision left to individual delegates, trousers may be removed towards the end of the conference.
Sexual Inequality   On average, the girls cause only 26% of the trouble caused by the boys and a mere 17% of the tantrums.
raising toy plastic guitar to the sunlight milton park portsmouth
With this axe I thee bless
Unequal Opportunities   The swords, red pens, scooters and trumpets must be shared. There will be enough chocolate cookies.
Ageing Population   The workers will be maintained by all the best food to ensure continued productivity eg sausages, cake bars and crisps. The elderly and decrepit, whose useful working lives have ended, will have the leftovers such as Greek salad, Chicken Tikka Masala and Merlot.
The PM shall step aside after 5 years to allow the Chancellor to take his place, unless he changes his mind in the meantime.

ice cream on the hill in the parkfootball in the park As per usual it was Wednesday park because of the good weather. We held a double-bench table for Ben, Erin and the JoniBobs and LittleMax came over as well. Here I am starting my newest band "Lone Sharx". A lot of my classmates were there and we taught Imogen to climb the smaller rock, played football, guitar attack and skipping. There was a certain amount of I want my football kit/he's not letting me have the football/they're calling me baby because I'm crying etc but that's now par for the course. Maybe BensMum is right and we all need the holidays. But the arrival of the ice cream van was an opportunity for the parents to buy us instant happiness and we gambolled and cavorted as usual. There was also an outbreak of shoving sweet wrappers, hands and, in one case, Mums' wallet down our pants. Where will it end?

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