Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Head full of camels

victorious mice climbing on stupid cat
Just can't get back into it for these 3 days between holiday periods.
Jof has banned me from seeing my friends until Friday (not including Thursday football as that's a real activity so I'll be there) so instead of doing Wednesday park we went to collect wood again. Obviously I think this is draconian and desperately unfair but that's rules for you. This left the JoniBobs having to make other arrangements (parents evening) and Ben sitting on his own in the park feeling shunned. I guess I should have told them.
One of the houses with wood outside was a witches house apparently: she certainly had magic piles of wood for us. The other stopoff netted a skirting board and a chair, now destroyed and packed away neatly in a box. Jof says this will be enough wood as conflagration isn't supposed to be the main event. However we'd be happy to help any Puddlers offload any of the cardboard boxes they've got left over - perhaps Friday morning would be a good dropoff time together with any stuff they don't want to carry later. This does not include Erinsmum: I reckon she should get one of those mobility scooters and get spoken to by policemen for being beery in charge.....

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