Sunday, 10 April 2011

The road that I must travel

slave labour sweeping the back yard
2 boys in a bathWoken up by Ben at seven o'clock. He'll pay. Took some time to sweep the yard in our pyjamas. After a surprise morning bath Bud and Jof finally turned up at eleven and we spent so much time arguing over whether to feed the ducks, go for a bike ride or go digging in the waterfall that we ended up doing none of the above.
paddling in the solent
filling a plastic bottle with stones

In the end we decided to go to the seafront along with the rest of Pompey and play golf on the pier. Then it was the usual throwing rocks into the sea (much time was spent putting pebbles into an old coke bottle to use as a target) and an ice cream. I chose the one you have to push up from the bottom but pushed too much and threw it up my own shirt.

ice cream spillage canoe lake water splashpark southsea

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