Saturday, 30 April 2011

Carnage at Mungle Manor - again!

threats and ransom demands blood on the knife bladeDawn broke over a scene of carnage today: but we didn't see that as we didn't get up till 9. Once I'd eaten it was time for gymnastics so Jof took me while Bud stayed home to do hoovering. Here is a selection of drawings and similar penmanship (3 warships by Johnny) with a worrying tendency towards separation of the sexes - perhaps when I start my cult it'll be in middle eastern style.
O there were so many dribbly candles, dead balloons, party poppers and flags to retrieve. We'd found the hard-boiled eggs that Jof had done for us to decorate so we disembowelled them and trod them into the carpets: in retaliation, while were were doing that, the adults consumed 46 beers, 7 wines and various Pimms'n'vodka sangrias.
When I'd finished gym, Jof took me shopping to buy me the thing I wanted most: a car-lifter lorry (tow truck) and we found one in toys'r'us (now with bin lorry and wheelie bin free!). I was just investigating its many functions when Pops came round so we played trucks on the pavement until Bud had swept the garden clean for us but as Jof wanted some shut-eye (at 4 in the afternoon??) we just went round to Pops house for play and tea while Bud struggled to carry 44 bottles to the bottlebank and washed up again. Joy all round. Soon she may even get a rabbit to go in her new rabbit hutch.

99 dead balloons - deflated on a stick

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