Saturday, 9 April 2011

Where do YOUR horses run free?

cool evergreen bush
Face it. I'm so cool I can make a bush look good
Lovely day again so we did the standard bottlebank, butcher and park walk with Jof in tow. In the 50p shop we found some hilariously tacky bunting and flags celebrating the upcoming royal wedding so we just had to have both, they'll make the garden look lovely for the PuddleParty.
lunch in a plastic wendy houseIn the afternoon we went to Bens' house and I didn't come home! The much dreamt-of sleepover finally happened although we didn't go to sleep until after 11 and were up again for 7am on Sunday. We tried out every one of Bens' toys and left the house looking like a bombsite. Bud and Jof celebrated their first full night without me by going to 4 different pubs and got the beer taxi home (GPS powered by Stella Cartography, ho ho). They even ate chips in a pub car park - classy as usual!
close range duel, bow and arrow vs rifleWe shot each other in the head, played scalectrix, PS2, and had supper in his garden house which now comes complete with its own skylight. Ben has written a book (replete with pictures and complete with glossary) called "The life cycle of the hovercraft". I personally was looking forward to the second instar of the larval stage of the lesser spotted hovercraft but that section was devoted to the staircase.
Sleepovers are by definition double-ended: the return leg is soon.

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