Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding party day

televised royal wedding
terminator with plastic gunPrepared for the party by playing with an electric truck in my room and moving wood down to the bonfire. When I grow up I want to marry Poppy, yesterday Ben said he wants to marry Erin so all's well. If either of them turn out to be real princesses, we can be kings!
serenade for guitarAfter a quiet spell when we thought nobody was coming, the Puddlers and Piddlers all arrived and we began. The bunting was up, flags were unfurled and there were candles everywhere.
wave your patriotic flags kids in tomato cageJohnny brought his aircraft carrier in his rucksack so we played ships and cars, Erin and Ben had a swordfight, and we generally milled around while the adults had beer.
sangria jugs my what splendid jugs you have
pinata busters little girl with aggressive attitudeThe pinata was a success and we all had 2 whacks before it split and we loaded up with sweeties. Then Bensdad was the Easter bunny and he'd hidden eggs all round the garden for us to find. We waved our flags and made up traffic games and bounced around being noisy.
easter egg hunt winnerorange guitaristWe started to watch a DVD but the boys formed a breakaway group that did sticking and colouring: Erin sang Ben and Bobert to sleep and a lot of shirts were removed as usual.
relaxed ice cream eater slumped in garden chair
Later there were fireworks and sparklers, and the bonfire was on all night. After Erin and Pops went home the heavens opened in a sudden monsoon of epic, comic and cosmic proportions: we all ran inside to dance in the kitchen until it stopped. The fire didn't stop. sparkler and england flag on wall
party confusion small child in blue chairThe last people went at about 1130, we took a quick look at the carnage, took a quick vote and decided to clear up tomorrow. A round of applause for us kids who got through the 7 hour session with barely any moaning.

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