Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A farce to be reckoned with

ladder safety fail
Spent the day with Ben. We fed the ducks, played guitars at them and did the exploding penguin dance which no doubt cheered up BensDad. Far greater coverage of this event available on BensBlog.
I ate lunch from inside a toy car which may be the answer to all my nutritional needs as I always eat more on car journeys than at home. Perhaps if I have a toy car in front of the telly at suppertime instead of my little red plastic table then I'll grow as big as Ben!
musical troubadours play guitars to the ducks
Duck Berry and Gary Moorhen play The Byrds
Tomorrow I look forward to going to the waterpark and the beach with BensMum. I have a bag of equipment that's bigger than me so she'll enjoy carrying that. If we go to the nudist beach in front of Fort Cumberland then we can dig in the waterfall and go naked like last year!

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  1. To the beach no less. The waterpark is only to get away from the wind which will no doubt annoy us enough to want to move. She'd stay on the beach all day if it were up to her...


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