Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Going underground

complicated train track
Ben is here with me all day today. While a load of girl action has been great the last couple of days, sometimes you just need to do boy stuff. So we started by tipping out all my toys to make 2 rubbish dumps and then made a massive train track running between them. Bud has been checking the torches and shotguns so you just know there'll be some fun later.
Sure enough, at 10am we left the house and drove up to our secret destination. It was the same place I'd first investigated when I was 2 and 3/4 but that was in the middle of winter, I was small and this time was much better as I was bigger, stronger and had a Ben with me.
east bastion hilsea lines portsmouth abandoned military installationmoncrieff disappearing gun emplacement hilsea lines portsmouthWe immediately set off running, often past our destinations. Ben can't run for as long as me but that's because of my bike power legs.
military prison behind bars hilsea lines portsmouthWe clambered and investigated and slipped and slid and climbed back up again. Ben started off a little scared of the dark dungeons full of piles of half-burnt rubbish and drifts of loose bricks and enormous spooky caverns and unprotected drops of 30 feet or so but gradually he realised it was all super-cool and we started going on about bombs and pirate attack scenarios. We had picnic #1 by the railway and enjoyed the freedom of being able to fart and urinate anywhere. The multiple wooded paths along the top and sides of this abandoned military installation are worth it alone but do have a lot of prickle bushes and exposed tree roots waiting to trip you up. Then there were even more tunnels, bunkers, lookout posts and cannon pits until we slid down the last slope to the rooms at the end. The floors were covered in magazines of ladies undressing which was a lot less interesting than Bud made out. Then we ran back along the path by the sea (note to self, bring bikes here) and had picnic #2 looking out over the sea. It was low tide so soon enough Bud was throwing rocks into the smelly gucky tidal mud which made a very satisfactory spludge and splatter upon impact. Tunnels were forgotten and our new raison d'etre had been found. We collected rocks and found the footbridge by the railway bridge where we could walk right out over the muddy spludge areas and dump our bricks and rocks straight down which made for even more impressive [ VIDEO #1 ] impact craters. Then we re-invaded England by competently climbing [ VIDEO #2 ] the fortifications, reacquired our vehicle and went home for lunch. Later: made a city of boats out of lego.
Then, incredibly, Pops came round again to practice skipping in our back garden while we showed off our football moves. We nipped round to hers and played Police chase using 1 scooter, 1 dog-on-wheels and a variety of hooting noises. Then to Wednesday park to give Ben back to his Mum where we met the JoniBobs (with new haircuts) who chased Pops mercilessly with Ben's rifles. Issues there, I think. Park was cut short by rain but that didn't stop Pops coming round for more Brioche and pizza, it just never stops.....

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