Friday, 22 April 2011

Don't stand so colostomy

face painting tiger
Bounced onto BudandJof's bed at 0640. I was sure they'd be happy to start the day on time, and not miss any of it. Today is the Easter party at Jof's work. We played egg and spoon races (I didn't drop mine), egg hunt, egg colouring, running around in circles, talking rubbish through the microphones at the cashier's desks, pin the tail on the rabbit and being painted. I insist that I'm a lion even though the painter can only do tigers.
royal artillery pub eastneyThen Nanna bought me the toy of the minute which is a jumping rocket that blows bubbles.
bubble machine stomping rocket

Later we got the call from the JoniBobs that the Artillery pub (pirate ship in the beer garden) was having a beer festival. So we trundled on down leaving Nanna to do our sewing (damaged school trousers and jogging bottoms with legs too long for Bud) and took the bubble rocket and a sword. There we met Elizabeth and got down to some serious scooting, rocketing and swording on the ship. I helped cook supper (kedgeree) and then after supper I got tired all of a sudden and was comatose by 815.

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