Monday, 25 April 2011

Jollité, Insanité, Lobotomé

high swingers milton park bucket swings Quietly penitent for my pugnacious pub performance yesterday, I visited Pops who today is wearing the dress of a Honolulu princess complete with flowery sandals. With luck she'll wean me off pub brawling.
Stayed with Pops the whole day. In the afternoon we went down the park, her on her bike while I took her scooter. We did time trials, one circuit each while PopsDad timed us and we tried to improve on our personal bests. Erin and her Dad cycled past on their way to the seashore - if I can learn to stop at junctions etc then maybe I can join them one day. Then we did a couple of rounds of hide'n'seek (we couldn't find Bud because he was in a tree pretending to be a leaf), climbed a couple of trees and went back to hers to play on the pavement.
Jof said I had to have at least 1 of my meals at home today so after 6 hours or so I came home.
So tired I couldn't climb the stairs for bathtime but got a second wind later so I kept calling them back in until 930 so they could miss their programme.
Jof says I'm not allowed to see any of my friends until Friday in the hope that I'm pleased enough to see them to keep my shirt on.

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