Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's..... the Mr Men show!!

disc drive test racks tech companySecond in a series of days off that I have earned by being so wonderful.
As promised, we went to Havant Municipal Tip to do my 19th favourite activity  - throwing rocks into a skip. These were the final leftovers from the recent bonfireplace rebuild so Bud left me to ditch the dead half-bricks while he parted company with a perfectly good hoover, it shall be sorely missed but not by Jof, who was allergic to it.
Then onwards to Bud's work where I climbed the massive grass verge holding the building up, marvelled at the car park that is so big you can't see the other side and generally spread smiles throughout the population. His work is very clever and doesn't have keys, you have a badge with your picture on that you wave in front of a little black box by the door, it tweets and the door opens! This was totally awesome so I spent the whole time tweeting every door we came across including some when people didn't even want to go in. I have disgraced his badge by putting a large smileyface sticker right over his face but it still works and everyone says it looks like him anyway so poo to you.
amateur bodybuilder aaron Once he'd put on the silly coat that everyone has to wear we tweeted through about 9 doors to find Mr Man the first: Mr Tall! He was unreasonably tall and practically had clouds near his head but he was very pleased to see me. His real name is in fact Tall Tim and he has helped Bud and Martin with bonfires before I came along to do all the hard work for them. I stood on a trolley but was still shorter than him.
Next Mr Man was Mr Strong! Ever since Bud told me about Mr Strong I have had an ongoing constructive discussion with LittleMax who says his Dad is stronger than Mr Strong. It is possible that LittleMax's Dad is taller or wider but Mr Strong has muscly arms that are bigger than my head so we all had a laugh about that. In a nearby office made entirely of glass was Bud's boss who I've met lots of times before. He shook my hand and didn't utter any of the bad words he is renowned for using constantly.
office workers, bring kid to work dayThen we went back to Bud's room where I met Martin the bonfire helper, Corinne who once found 10p for my house purchase fund in a pub and loyal Blog followers Ross and Fiona, who make Bud's working days so enjoyable.
Then they threatened to put me in a pallet bound for America so we made a quick escape into a corridor so long it echoed. Then they all came around a different corner with lots of trolleys so I tweeted open the door for them and several other passing people. For all I know they were all industrial spies and I helped get them past security.
Supermarket shopping was OK, I suppose, lunch and TV boring so I sought out Pops at Erin's house. They were playing with make-up but jumped at the offer to escort them to the park for ice cream, tree climbing and slides, followed by our back garden for juice, jaffa cakes and arguments.
showing off in front of the girls

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