Sunday, 17 April 2011

Light of the World

Friday 15th April 2011
cabinet of firearms in museumVisited Dorchester where they have a small castle that's now a museum. I ran around investigating and selected a double-ended helicopter from the shop but will have to go back for all the other stuff I want.
dorchester keep battlements, access to publicThere's roomfuls of medals, flags, silverware, guns, bombs, swords, Hitler's desk and some extremely earnest yet elderly curators who follow you around talking at you whether you want them to or not.
regimental silverware collection, trophies of war in museum display cabinetOver the road was a good swingpark with hills, bandstand, cafe, waterpark, exercise area, slides etc, can we move it to near our house please? A splendid place to stop off and stretch your legs if you're driving to Cornwall, for example.
Attacked with vigour the obstacle course in the beer garden of the Sun Inn after lunch.
urban clearance fighterworld war 2 stalingrad house to houseNext visit: Maiden Castle. Not so much a castle as a 4th Millenium BC hill fort, every time you climb one escarpment there's another 2 behind it.
park exercise machine, cardiovascular exerciseGrandma zoned out in the car while we stormed the battlements. There's nothing much up there except nettles and thistles and sheep but there were the remains of a 4th century temple used for pagan rituals, looking forward to some Puddle pagan rituals soon.
Then home for more golf and to dig up primroses and cowslips from the upper orchard to transfer to our garden. iron age maiden castle dorset

romans could have used these stepsAfter a decent supper (including my favourite, custard. But this custard was warm for some reason so I don't like custard any more) the GParents were too busy talking to obey my every whim so went off in the only sulk of the visit. Missing my Chief Slave Jof.
view of dorchester from defensive escarpments

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