Saturday, 23 April 2011

Throw Nanna on the train

To John Lewis this morning for their craft fayre thing. I was the first there and the last to leave: I made an Easter spoon, card and Pirate Judge Egg. Bet you didn't know you had to do an Easter spoon, if I had my way I'd have done the legendary Easter Teapot and the much maligned and misunderstood Easter Sellotape Dispenser.
pulled over by the law dui offence
Can I see your licence for this vehicle, sir?
After a quick nibble I took Nanna up to the Gymnastic centre to watch me perform. It's only my 5th time or something so you can't expect miracles but if they think I'm good enough to go on to the next stage I'll get a tap on the shoulder just like when I joined MI6 in the Carlton club.
When we got back Bud had a surprise. A B+Q trolley had been left near our house so as we needed to buy a kitchen tap I hopped in and he pushed me to the store. Now today is football day so if you travel down the main street 25 minutes before kickoff it's quite busy, and there's a lot of Police.....
Well anyway I gave them some old banter and they let me off with a caution for driving without due care and attention. In B+Q I chose a tap which was £150 or so less than the most expensive one so Bud didn't argue and just bought it. On our way back the lady with the chickens beckoned me over and said did I want to see what was in her box. Well, I didn't guess right because it turned out to be 4 live lobsters which was quite a surprise. They were ugly, active and essentially doomed.
live lobsters  crayfish
Arrived at the station with 15 minutes to spare, just early enough to hear the announcement that the train was cancelled. After the usual protracted confusion that is the bread and butter sandwich of daily life at an English railway station, a train arrived at an unexpected platform (the announcer had to make 3 corrections before he got the platform number right), disgorged some surprised passengers at a station they hadn't expected and then waited patiently for the driver to walk up to the other end of the train. This single act of self-sacrifice was sufficient to magically change this lost train into the delayed 1600 to Brighton so we bundled Nanna aboard. While waiting for the train to make up its mind which way to go, I played my wooden flute through the window at her while dancing a curious jig that Jethro Tull would have envied. Eventually the train reversed out of the station and into history.
When I got home I found the bag of goodies (sticking/drawing book etc) that she'd left for me and got straight down to it while Bud pruned the hedge and Jof read a book.

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