Thursday, 28 April 2011

Standing on the Shoulders of Gnats

Now you too can have uniforms with individuality, from casual conscripts to haute combat couture.
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  Guerrillas by Gucci
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Roll on the weekend.

imprisoning the girl in wooden rabbit cage
Right. I'm off to the pub. Don't go anywhere
Pops arrived as we got home and her car was full of stuff including a rabbit hutch, as you do. So Bud carried it (and Baby Edward Bear-hemoth) through to the back garden and we started to play. The rabbit hutch was perfect for our games of "I'm the dominant dog, you're the submissive kitten" so I locked her in the hutch. Then it was football time where I met Ben and the JoniBobs (and ginger Lenny from the pub) and that went swimmingly. Bud and Bensmum had cream tea in the sun (very genteel) including Rodders clotted cream which is supposed to be the best - Bensmum is from Cornwall and she knows all about clotted cream.
entrance labelling fail
arts cafe bransbury park portsmouth

While we were playing one of the kids tripped over while drinking out of his juice bottle, smacked against the fence and knocked one of his teeth out, poor chap. There was a certain amount of howling and JoniBobsDad picked up the missing tooth and returned it to him. The nice people phoned his mum who took him away to the dentist. Lesson learned for drinking and walking at the same time, let's hope all the Puddleduckians take heed.

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