Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter. Day of eggs

individual fried eggFinally stumbled out of bed at 0925. I demanded egg on toast with cucumber which gave me a chance to try out the individual mini sad-pan-for-one that Nanna bought for me. It fried my egg a treat.
After breakfast Bud tempted me onto the bike with promises of silly golf at the seafront. We both took our shirts off and headed due south and struck the corniche at the 10th hole cafe. Along the wide pavement we passed many appreciative young ladies and made it to Clarence Pier where we locked the bike and proceeded on foot to the golf place.
crazy golf, clarence pier portsmouthI won on the Warrior Trail by 74 to 34 shots, winning by using more shots as is the way with golf. The arcade areas helped my house fund by allowing us to find approx 45p in copper coins which went into my bag. I then had about 15 minutes on the bouncy castle because nobody else wanted to pay £2 per 5 minutes so I had the place to myself and the attendant spent the whole time sunbathing while texting so poo to them. I had to have one quick go on the multi-vehicle roundabout (the kid at the front was obsessed with the fire engine so pressed the hooter button the whole way round) and we were free to cycle back along the seafront to the castle where we stopped for ice cream.
huge bouncy inflatable tentIt was bug day at the seafront: clouds of flying insects pestered everybody, they tickled when they got on my skin and dozens got caught in Bud's chest hair. He skipped stones while I ate my FAB ice lolly and we saw some Turkish gentlemen with their hubbly-bubbly pipe, looked quite funny (well, it made them laugh a lot) and we then rode home.
hubble bubble pipe smoking on southsea beachThis lengthy circuit finished at 3pm so, realising we were 2 hours late, we had a quick lunch and I sent Bud round to Erin's to pick her up to go to the trains. Predictably, we were so late that they had long gone and so we drove down to Tunnel Park to meet them. They had already had several train trips (some photographed by the reporters for the local newspaper so missed out there) and they'd got bored waiting for us and had gone off to the seafront in search of ice creams. By the time we'd hopped the fence to look at the 2 discarded front-wheel-less bikes we'd seen in the bushes on our way round the track, the advance party had already decided to head off to the Artillery Pub for the Beer Festival. Jof Drove the car home while Bud and I walked the 400 yards or so to the Pub where we met Gemma (ex-Puddleduck Nursery manager who was relieved of her post following a vote of no confidence from the rest of the staff when she was caught eating the children's lunches) and her brood and got stuck in to the pirate ship play-zone. During this period Ben and I argued over whose turn it was on Elizabeth's scooter (I'd had my turn but wanted an extra turn before Ben had his go) and so Ben and I had our first full-on fist fight which was witnessed by everyone in the pub except for Bud who was getting more beer.
go-kart with no engine
Ben and I then retreated to our seconds in our corners (mothers) to blub and hyperventilate while all the other parents marvelled at how their kids were so well-behaved. During this period of marvell-ment, Elizabeth fell off the balustrade and Erin crashed the scooter in epic fashion so for a while everyone was bawling. The PuddleParents got more beer which seems to be their answer to strife and eventually Ben had to go home after we failed to make it up for the 3rd time of asking. Erin ditto in similar fashion so the reduced contingent carried on. Sigh. Then we found a way out of the back gate where Lenny (ginger regular at Thurday night football) had a go-kart which we took turns on (after a fashion) avoiding passing cabs while some random girls sat in the road singing. You think your life is simple? 
In the end we all called it and wended our wiggly ways home. Pops has returned from up north at last so I'm on a promise for a playdate tomorrow morning. I sat in front of the TV with a large pot of Blue Peter mini-sausages (ones we'd cooked earlier) and then had an ultra-quick shower and bed. 
Ben: Erin: Elizabeth: JoniBobs. I love you all and can only blame my unacceptable behaviour on the hot weather. I therefore hope that it's freezing cold and rainy at our Easter/Royal wedding party next Friday.

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  1. No need to pick Erin up we're going for a bike ride and will meet you over the park by the train.


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