Monday, 11 April 2011

Ben's Bumpy Paths

boy on metal goalpost bransbury park portsmouth
Like bats, hibernate I can
Day 1 of 2 weeks off so made the most of it by being as slow as a cabbage. I leapt from my bed at half past nine, and following a lightning-fast breakfast we were ready to leave the house by elevenish. Posted a letter to Nanna containing some printouts of some pre-war white fivers (for props in an amateur dramatic play she's doing) which I guess is counterfeiting so expect my next blog post to be all about not picking up the soap in the prison showers. Played football and roll-the-object-down-the-slide with a golf ball and tennis ball we found in the park, you know the way it is. Back home for lunch and then out for a bike ride.
footpath through reclaimed land moorings way portsmouthThis was the one where I choose the route so as usual it doubled back on itself frequently and unpredictably. Ben was not at home so we just did it ourselves: a 5 ¾ mile leg-burning trek around and around the bumpy paths in front of Ben's house. The mile or so home directly into the wind was the real killer.
dressed as a dog, facepaintingBud's thoughts turned to a comfy sofa and vitamin beer so I flew the nest and wandered off down the road and procured myself a Pops who today is dressed as a dog, but only makes goat noises. I'm always up for some cross-species interaction so that was fine by me. We played cards, abandoning them when we realised we couldn't read. We played train tracks, and abandoned it spread all over the floor with 1 lone bridge standing. We played in the garden: you know it's really funny when someone rolls over backwards on a space hopper? Well, I didn't think so as I performed a graceful reverse orbit ending up with my head on the flagstones. That was the cue to guilt-trip some food out of Bud and back to Scooby-Doo. After we almost ate some supper we did some family-building roleplay in my bedroom with my collection of coloured snakes but by 815 I was in bed, somewhat bushed. Bud said something about clucking crackers or cracking knuckles, all I know is, I was too tired to climb the stairs.

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  1. Naughty Bud - wrongly placed apostrophe in title! I was in fact at the YMCA today. I did ride those paths yesterday and my mum apologises for being grumpy. Love ben x


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