Saturday, 2 April 2011

Compos mentis or compost mentalist

Today there are 19 different species of plant flowering in our back garden. Incredibly, this includes an apple tree I grew myself from seed. Even when I was 2, I was a Godlet (if only of the back garden).
alexandra parade hilsea
So at some point we went out and crossed the park to get to the hairdressers. Evidence of this is visible in later pictures. I allowed the clippers to be used on me which is a massive breakthrough in hair maintenance.
Then it was a bus up to the gymnastic centre. There was enough time to visit Alexandra swingpark: not large, but has a slope to roll down which I shared with many other people of my height. From there we used the hidden path to approach the gym. The gym session was totally fantastic and Bud immediately and voluntarily paid for several future sessions. We:
  1. Ran down the long runway and jumped into the foam pit
  2. struggled along the long foam pit from one end to the other and back again
  3. stretching exercises
  4. lined up into teams of 5, saluted and went for individual tuition in the following disciplines
  5. handstands against the big crashmat
  6. jumping onto the big thing using the springboard and leaping down onto the crashmat and not falling over
  7. parallel bars work
and so forth. It was totally groovy and so good I must return immediately. While Bud was paying for future sessions I ate cheese and watched the more experienced competitors doing some seriously advanced jiving which only served to increase my insistence on returning.
green open space by priory crescent southsea
 Having missed 3 buses because we were standing in the wrong place we elected to walk to London Road (major bus route) and played spelling games. A roving butcher persuaded us to buy a huge bag of reduced-price meat so our trip round the charity shops was curtailed: we caught 2 buses home and had lunch.
Golf beckoned so we went to the park and picked up Erin on the way. We did play 1 round of golf (which is when I found the £2 coin) but then climbed 2 trees instead: when I took too long to place the flag for the return match Erin got bored and started without me: I went off in a huff and met Conker Boy 3.
flatbed b+q trolley for fence panels metal frameHe is #3 of 4 boys living near me who are identical apart from 1 year between them and therefore a height difference: the rest of them played football. He had managed to obtain a B+Q trolley (the one you use for fence panels and similar) and invited us to share it as long as someone was prepared to push it. Hey presto, manservant Bud volunteered for the task and so spent a sweaty, panty and quite tiresome 45 minutes or so pushing us round and round the park on the trolley. Various other park attendees saw and heard our constant screaming and cadged a lift: poor Bud was quite tired and had to have numerous rests on the park benches but always found the energy to carry on. Because of the laughing and the screaming and the rumbling of the wheels going along the path (the bumpy bits were the best) I don't think anybody within half a mile didn't know what we were doing.
Eventually we just had to go home because of severe dehydration by Engine Driver Bud so we dropped Erin off at her house (still on the trolley) and delivered the trolley back to the hardware superstore that owned it, to stop drunken people (unlike us) using it during the night. This gave me an extra 20 mins trolley time.
When we got home we met Pops (principal squeeze and the best looking girl on the block - apart from Erin who is equally wonderful) on her bike so went back to hers where PopsDad helped Bud out with his dehydration nightmare using only 3 pints of ale. I played in the house, up the tree and everywhere else while the rehydration process played out.
Eventually Jof (having woken up from her much-deserved nap due to a 45 hour working week) picked me up and I had supper and a bathfizzer night. Bed: 2236. I may not be up for some time.

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