Sunday, 1 May 2011

Unexpected item in bagging area

father and son on ghost train at the funfairSo now most of the stuff from the party is bagged up ready to go back in the loft, including some very specific marriage-related memorabilia. In 10 years time we can get down the charming commemorative flag with a poor print of the happy couple and use it as a surprise tablecloth or similar. The bunting all got a bit de-bunted (cheap'n'cheerful) so we binned it.
Zak's girlfriend Rosie told us that the fayre is on down at the seafront so off we went.
giant slide and hessian sliding bagWe got a bus down and the whole area was packed. As soon as we got to Castle Field the performing horses (mane attraction) left and were replaced by one man arguing with an owl, that didn't want to play. After I had a go on an inflatable curly slide (2 slides for £1.50 - bargain) Jof declared the rest of it to be tat so we walked on to the larger field which had the fairground stuff.
trampolining at the fairground southsea seafrontI did the giant slide, hooked a toy with a hook on a stick (won me another sword and shield - I see an arms race developing) and went on the ghost train with Bud. There were illuminated skulls and flashing skeletons and lots of people getting electrocuted in chairs, I think that was their speciality.
 Met Fletcher (current Puddler). I trampolined until Jof remembered she hadn't had lunch so wanted a cup of tea away from the noise (very noisy) and wind (very windy) so we searched Southsea in vain for somewhere quiet and open. In the end we gave up and caught a bus home: the man in front of us had earphones on and kept making big twitchy movements and singing about mudderfudders in an indeterminate accent. We saw Elizabeth on a bouncy castle in the pub garden but they were meanies and didn't let me go on.

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