Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I was forged in a nuclear furnace

fat security asleep on the jobWednesday park as usual. Much colder and windier, we all kept our shirts on this time (in terms of keeping warm, not avoiding fisticuffs). Jof had bought me a crazy golf set to play in the garden. However it has vertical securing pins that require it to be played on grass, not flagstones so she suggested we take it down to the park with us. We duly did and while Bud ran to Erins' house to deliver a clothes rack (doesn't everybody?) we set it all up with JoniBobsMums' help. We did have a go, but very quickly 3 things happened: it all broke - cheap flimsy plastic doesn't stand up to 4 users of average age 5, we started to use the golf sticks as rifles, and the securing pins turned out to be bullets that fit in the shaft of the golf sticks if you take the ends off, just like the old Winchester .22's.4 old swingers baby bucket swings milton park So the golfing didn't last long, but the bits kept us amused for the duration. It'll pretty well all have to go in the bin after the first use. We met Ruby, I'll be going to her party tomorrow (at a pub? On a Thursday??). We're all quite proficient on the swings now (a bunch of old swingers) but Bobert still doesn't like an arc of over about 40º.

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