Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day off!

At 10am Bud came into my room to make sure I hadn't died in the night or something, which woke me up. We hadn't even finished breakfast by the time he got back from the supermarket so looks like it's a day off.
hide and seek shhh symbol finger in front of lips
Mostly I did nothing, but when Bud was cleaning the bonfire ash out of my garden house I helped by cleaning the little chairs. I got soaking wet as usual so that meant a change of clothes and a lengthy stint in front of the TV to warm up. Instead of cutting the hedge like we were supposed to, we visited Erin at her new mansion.
The baronial seat of the Erins is very wide with lots of big rooms that all the other Puddlers have already seen: but there'll be a house-warming party later when I suppose we can all warm the house up, perhaps it has no radiators.
chopping hedge
We played ride the lilo, hide and seek and a game where you pull sticks out without letting the balls drop. Jof unpacked 4 of Erins' boxes which all seemed to be full of dolls, prams and other pink things I don't understand. Bud and ErinsDad destroyed some old dead hedge in the garden and planted some giant garlic, sweet peas and hops. The dead hedge happened to fit neatly into the newly emptied cardboard boxes (once I'd jumped up and down on it to scrunch it down), so we'll be getting them next weekend for an unexpected mini-bonfire.
When we got home it was suppertime so we didn't cut the hedge: at least we severely reduced the height of one hedge today even if it wasn't ours.

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