Thursday, 26 May 2011

Life is just a game we play

kid faceplant

Is your Mule mullered? Has your camel collapsed? Is your llama lethargic?

New from Mungletonix Products
Then get your ass down to your nearest 

Self-assembly alien

Stable environment for all tired pack animals and their owners. Problem ponies speciality of the horse*

"We come in pieces"

Charity-funded kids' footballToday my tallest follower Martin is 46. I didn't know ages went up that high, apart from Grandad who is twenty-hundred.  Football day today! It rained heavily on our way back from school so we weren't sure whether footy would be on but the lumpy rainclouds moved on and we were fine. We did all the usual stuff with the addition of the louder-than-life Louie who is fast outstaying his welcome. At one point we had to be ghosts, the reason escapes me but we all woo'd and stumped around like zombie sleepwalkers, then we pretended to be ghosts. At one point it did rain hard enough for us to put on coats but it didn't stop us.
Today I got in the Polite book at school for staying behind during playtime and clearing up the roleplay area. This means my name will be read out on Fab Friday and everyone can be proud of me and my selfless actions.
*Don Quixote. Legendary character. Pronounced Don Key-ho-tay. So in this case, Don Key-ho-tel. Tell me you knew that.

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