Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Missing Lynx

very funny scotty now beam down my clothesFootball day today and I have a special present for Ben, another Star Wars paper tablecloth from 1977 that Grandma kept from Buds' 7th birthday party (probably but not necessarily in Libya). It still bears authentic traces of lime jelly, lemon curd with hundreds and thousands, Shippams' fish paste sandwiches and Tang. reading certificate wimborne infant school
lazy footballer getting dragged along by his friendI have won a new certificate at school! It just goes to show I can read really well so if my ghost blog writer Bud is being unfair to me in these diary musings then I'll know. A windy but successful afternoon at football: I was in goal for some of it, we played cricket and had to balance our noses on the ball. Jof thinks I'm growing again which will be very useful but it's a month and a half until next measuring day so I'll have to wait to find out if it's true.
And yes, this post has inexplicably migrated here from last Thursday. What are you doing, Blogger?

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