Monday, 23 May 2011

Insect day

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Today is an inset day which is when the teachers are so tired they have a "Teacher Training Day" that apparently they could not hold during the regular, frighteningly long school holidays. So we all got up late but then Jof remembered she had to go to work so she left us to it. We do have real actual tasks but by 10am we'd done none of them: so we started the bonfire. This is to get rid of vast amounts of the front hedge but also to clear Erins' hedge, Martins' cupboard and a dozen or so cardboard boxes from Erins' house move. The pile was enormous but fortunately we have a well-designed personal inferno (as recommended by Satan himself) and a mere 3 hours later we put the last box on and had lunch.
Then we bussed it into town to take the camera to Boots. This is one of the cheap single-use cameras that Jof gave me when Pops and I drove pointlessly around southern England not going to Paultons park, Whipsnade, the Tower of London or any one of a myriad of attractions more interesting than the back seat of the car. Pops and I both took some pictures so I am confidently expecting world-class masterpieces of the back of the car seat, the back of my own hand and possibly Pops' nose from a distance of 3mm.
Supper was made more interesting tonight when Bud failed to read the note left by Jof listing meals for the week and decided to make a compound food-fusion smorgasbord-platter using some, all or fewer of the contents of the fridge. All was going really well up until the very final seconds when it was discovered that he had failed to switch on the oven so the kievs were cold and raw. There was a certain amount of frowning from Jof but I got 3 separate meals out of it so I'm not complaining.

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