Friday, 6 May 2011

Frivolité, Infantilité, Vulgarité

illiterate blacks, I have a deram american civil rights march funny failJof's going to the spa tonight. She'd better have a really good shower when she gets back, because I hear she's going to have a mud bath.....
So anyway when we got home he did washing up and planting out of the watermelons and Datura stramonium. Then, with 30 minutes to go before Jofs' call to pick her up we decided to nip down to the swingpark to play kick'n'catch with a tennis ball. I learnt to save 4 runs by putting my foot in the way of the ball (to save the boundary) and when we got home we'd missed Jofs' call. We picked her up at the second time of asking and she berated Bud for not being there. When we got to the train station her train was cancelled. This is normal. We put her on a Southampton train and hoped. Then I watched TV while he frantically did laundry and scattered the ash from the PuddleParty bonfire before the rain came at 930.

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