Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Harry Potter flame between my eyes

funny church sign failI've had it since I was born and it still makes an appearance when I'm hot or active. I'll try and get a picture tonight.
In other news, all the PuddleMummies are now back and have noisily dispelled the peace that has reigned since they've been gone, it was such a simple, quiet and easy life. They also bring notebooks full of illegible or encrypted phrases that hint at a weekend of gin-soaked confusion, debauchery and dead flies, examples available on BensBlog.
You remember Mr Strong from a few weeks ago (The Mr Men Show) - well, he's just won the bodybuilding regional finals at Portsmouth Guildhall so he goes on to the national finals! I think this means he's stronger than LittleMax's Dad and must eat a lot of eggs.
After school we walked to the shops and took the tap we don't need back. This gave us a good enough refund to take Pops to Paultons!
As for the flame pics, a good one may have to wait so here's tonight's one and one from the archives.
birthmark today
 birthmark baby

Had some fun playing on the pavement with Pops and Ruby - they were the motorcycles, I was the traffic light!

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