Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Try to set the world on fire (Mr Mojo Risin')

Jimi Hendrix Bob Marley tattoo mismatch

Carpeted by your boss? Unsure about underlay?  Then ring the    NATIONAL RUG HOTLINE

 Don't let it all pile up - confront your worsted fears - or there'll be hell toupee

 Wednesday park was its usual riot. The swingpark area was full of sun, sons and daughters which included Zak, Zena (10 next week) and Rosie (had to go home after being bitten by a girl).
we plough the fields and scatterThe JoniBobs brought Louie with them and Ben brought attitude. After we'd argued about whose food we'd eaten we smuggled foodstuffs and drink away and snuck off to the planting tree where we gathered out of sight (or so we thought).
Seagulls. Common in coastal townsIn this weeks' planting session we planted red capsicum pepper (visible here) and mini-cheddars by chewing them up and spitting them out onto the ground, followed by juice in similar fashion. Sadly all our work went to waste, for after getting told off lots, we moved away and the whole lot was cleared by seagulls.

swinging basket: swings and rotates

For only the third time ever (although Ben reckoned it was the twenth) we got on the hanging basket and had a right old go, although Bobert doesn't like it going too fast. In the end we relinquished it to some pudgy teens that were loitering.
By home time Johnny had accumulated 3 days of TV ban for spitting food, shirt removal and abusive behaviour towards the umpire (Mum).
arrival of park officials

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