Friday, 20 May 2011

Hark at I, innit?

iRobot sweeping versus dog poo problemThe Paultons' Park tickets have been bought, I'm gettin' on my glad rags, I'm shinin' my shoes..... Tall Martin the bonfire helper has kindly kept an old cupboard to one side for me to put on the bonfire (ie he's using me to clear some rubbish out of his house) so we'll get that this afternoon, it'll help dry out the hedge that we shall destroy this weekend. While cutting the hedge gives us extra compost and bouncing fun (see post 4 days ago), it's just a pain and blocks light from the window so it's going to get a crew-cut.
Hmm. The thing about really old tangled privet hedges is... untangling them increases their volume by a factor of 3. So we chopped and sawed and dragged half the hedge into the back garden to dry off a bit before the Monday inferno, and it filled the whole back garden. This project may take more than 1 attempt to complete. Anyway, got loads of quality dry wood from Martin and then ErinsDad came round and donated several more cardboard boxes in bonus tribute, I sense a pyro-victory in the making.
Got in the shower before Bud had finished.
nude dad and son taking bathMadame Fifi Whiplash-Trixibelle (one of my devoted followers at Buds' work) has come up with an impressive new idea for a bike ride that we shall investigate on Sunday - the old Hayling Billy line. This is an old dismantled railway line from Havant to the seafront at Hayling which (apart from a missing bridge) has been turned into a coastal cycle path and bridleway. We'll do a preliminary on this by riding the length of Hayling Island, in preparation for a possible mass Puddle rally: if you cycle to Fratton, you can get a train to Havant which is where the line starts, then get the Hayling ferry back to civilisation..... that particular journey is approx 10-11 miles, so we'd have to stop off once or twice for a pub lunch and liquid refuelling session.


  1. The Paultons' Park tickets have been bought, I'm gettin' on my glad rags, I'm shinin' my is pretty good and impressed me a lot.

  2. Just you wait until the post where we visited the park. (Choose life, 3 june 2011)

  3. Cute pic with Bud! Nice to see you guys having a laugh together.

  4. Can we get another photo with out the hand there

    1. Yes, you can. Simply forward a copy of your death certificate noting 'Suicide' as cause-of-death and I will gladly make the exchange, you sad person.

    2. You should kill these sickos for every thing they are


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