Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sneezing is believing

Arose at 0950 like a Ginormous Germanic get a hanky.
Hayling Billy line disused railwayJof dropped us off in Langstone at the last road before the bridge and we battled the gales and typhoons all the way down the old Hayling railway line to the seafront.
bike slopes-advanced users onlyThe wind was in my face the whole way so it made cycling a lot more difficult, Bud had to keep pushing me. Anyway, we met rocks and sand dunes and a swamp and nesting seabirds and a pill box and some random brick structures and many criss-crossing footpaths and a groovy bike park and lots and lots of wind.
Google Earth image of trip
splashem log flume ride in very green waterQuite a lot of the path is split into bikes and people one side and horses the other, we didn't see any horses but there was loads of horse poo so we know they were there. In the end, after 5 miles or whatever it was, we hit the seafront and met Jof just as she was parking so exactly right on time then.
We went into the tacky funpark and I went on the helter-skelter which is just a big curly slide but had one of my classmates on it, I had a go at the shoot-the-hillbillies game inside, we got top score. Bud aimed the rifle but I pulled the trigger at exactly the right time so I'm a good shot. Then I went on my first rollercoaster - well it was the one where you're in a boat and it splashes a lot when you go down the slope. It was quite scary and he said lots of words I hadn't heard before. We got very wet but it was a sunny day and so we dried out with the help of a 40-knot headwind.

catalogue man - the next generation
underage driver little boy in plastic car

funny FAIL. Breadstick in ear
 Then we drove home for lunch and went straight back out again to got to Ben's party. His dad is now officially old so he did a barbecue while we dressed up and played pirate attack with all the weapons we'd brought. After a while we put on a DVD and sat quietly for at least some of it while the PuddleParents had their shandies and sherbets and sho forth. Jof did the washing up while we chased each other around with my new gun that shoots real bullets until it was time to go.

ps this one of Baby Edward (Bud calls him Eduardos but I don't think he's Spanish) is a little unfair. It's true, he is the ravenous Bugblatter beast of Traal (daft as a brush but very very ravenous) and will eat anything. But Bud did encourage him to insert the breadstick into his own ear for artistic purposes.....

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