Monday, 9 May 2011

Congress of the bewildered ostrich

baby in toiletBud took me into school today as Jof is away, so I'm in after-school club this afternoon. I hope Jof's bought me some cool stuff. Well, I got a place mat with pirates, a cup with curly drinking straw and a rugby ball. I may be a little small for rugby at the moment, maybe I'll be a hooker. Jof is tired after 3 days of events, travelling and possibly lager but she says that Centre Parcs is so good we'll have to save up and go back next year. I'm looking forward to the pools and the canoes and the ducks and the bikes and the rapids and the deer and the archery and the playparks. Apparently there's a bar for them but I'll do all the rest.
Good luck to the Erins who are moving house tomorrow! I've got my train set all ready to take round and fill up their new house. Bud has a special plant for them and Jof'll probably do something sensible.

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