Thursday, 5 May 2011

Crudité, Imbecilité, Uppité

      As a future cult leader I should find a suitable base from which to administer my empire in safety.
compton castle somerset£17 million. Somerset, England.
Castle with 1273 acres including lakes, 3 farms.
5 principal reception rooms, 5 bedroom suites, 4 further bedrooms and bathroom.
Extensive cellaring, coach house, stabling, garaging, two gate lodges, five cottages.
castle in siena, itlay€25million. Siena, Italy.
14th Century castle in commanding position.
30 acres of Tuscan countryside, including own vineyard and olive grove.
4 towers, battlements, original brickwork, stonework and terracotta flooring.        
medieval castle in limoges, france€20 million. Limousin, France.
Medieval castle, 17 bedrooms with bathrooms.
500 acres of lakes, woodland and pasture.
Professional kitchen, drinks licence.
Tavern in grounds with jazz club used by locals.
roman villa by tiberius, capri, italy€28 million. Capri, Italy.
Emperor Tiberius Caesar liked Capri so much he built 12 villas there and retired to the island to party.
This clifftop villa is one of them.
Helicopter access, 360° panoramic views.
Living room 200 sq. m Terraces 350 sq. m
Rooms 7 Single rooms 3, Suites 2 Bathrooms 7.

All I need now is a couple of dollars from each of my 3 billion followers and I'll be set.
Today I'm with the JoniBobs.
shirtless kids washing car from buckets
To make sure we weren't late, I woke Jof up at 0500 and told her it was time to get up. When I finally got there, the 3 of us played ships etc all day until Ben arrived and then we went out front to wash the car.
I am experienced in this as I have washed Pops' car many times so we all partially stripped (it was always going to happen) and washed the car to within an inch of its life, with the help of the ladder slide. This made us all very wet so Ben and I had to wear some of Boberts' old nappies. We found that putting them on our heads as well was amusing. We didn't switch the telly on all day. At 4 Bud picked me up to get new clothes and then he drove me to football where I met - Ben and the JoniBobs.
boy wearing a nappy on his headWhy can't we just live together? Football was the same story - running around, rarely in the same direction as the ball and performing apparently great tackles when the ball ricocheted off us while we weren't looking.
The fully-recovered Whistler (the boy who knocked out one of his front teeth at football last week) was there - facing his fears of tripping up while drinking out of a plastic bottle.

At home I had supper and because it was so good I had another one.

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