Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Abnormalité, Hilarité, Profanité

exciting vehicles signpost
I shall be quite glad to get back to academic normality after the typhoon of events of the last week or so. Only thing is - it's another 3 day week with a day spent at the JoniBobs on Thursday. Will it ever end? This weekend our mummies will abandon us for a spa weekend. I'm sure the Puddles Abandoned Parents Support Guys Group (PAPS Double-G) will think of something to do.
wedding cake hovercraft
As usual I brought home another magical construction which I declare to be a Royal Wedding Hovercraft Cake. Didn't know there was such a thing? You do now. Notice the half-dozen glued-on silver rings? They are disc drive spacer rings from Buds' work: he donated a bagful for use in craft projects (and a bag to Bens' school as well).
Visited Yellow Plum park and climbed a twisty green pole that rotates as you climb it. Can Ben climb the helix?

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