Saturday, 7 May 2011

Have you looked in with the spoons?

When I woke Bud up at 0645 it was still raining. After breakfast we did our usual walk but stopped off at the butchers where the nice man had looked through my duplicate coins from my coin collection and gave me a large bag of his duplicates. Of course only 4 of them were new to me (I have 485 different coins) but still, that's 4 new ones! (and free of charge, to boot) We went to a different butchers and I chose lunch - sausages. On our way back it started to rain again. He said it wouldn't kill me but I'm not so sure.
This afternoon we'll go down the Pirate ship pub with the rest of the Piddlers and sort out a bike ride for tomorrow: apparently there's a funfair on Hayling so we could go over on the ferry and skip naked through the sand dunes. Well, Ben can, anyway.
After gym I went straight to Pops.
Oh dear. Jof's mini-holiday has all gone wrong and she's coming home right now for the kind of hugs that only I can supply. When I got back from Pops I watched TV and Jof came in, even though she was supposed to be in a forest in Wiltshire. I said "What have you bought for me?" which was not exactly what she wanted to hear but she hugged me anyway.

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