Saturday, 21 May 2011

Voodoo child (Hendrix)

bransbury park miniature railway line portsmouth model engineering societyA lovely day for a strumble so having stolen Jof's fried egg for breakfast (she had boiled egg and bacon on toast) Bud and I wandered down to Tunnel park (meeting schoolies Harry and Thomas) for some climbing and so forth. But then in a break from tradition we climbed inside the trains enclosure and started walking around the track. This was a great idea and soon there were at least 5 others doing it in both directions. The girl with the broken foot couldn't so she just crutched along beside me.

Later: gymnastics.

brushwood mountainIn the afternoon we had another go at the hedge and entertained passers-by with all the shaking, sawing and shouting going on. Over the years, this hedge has dropped so many leaves that couldn't escape, they had mulched down, created real soil on top of the wall and the hedge then rooted into it. We put a stop to that.

Bath fizzer night music: Sheer heart attack by Queen.

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