Monday, 2 May 2011

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

unsafe trampolining positionOff to church today (the one with the tower that features in my title picture) for bouncy castling. Bobert came round to collect his sword and shield while I was still in bed.
In other news:
  1. Our DVD player hath objected to being used by 5 year-olds so my parents will have to get a new one
  2. I have decided to open a shop called Crusty Mapetes Boat Sales
  3. Grandma is getting rid of her new cats
  4. I don't even know who Osama Bin Laden is, so no news there
The Parable of the Pointless Beasties
queue for the bouncy castle st marys portsea may fayreSo Grandma likes Siamese cats. As she is so old, she has had many cats over the years because these new models just don't last. This latest batch were extremely Siamese-y, very pointy with very long faces, but they were essentially pointless. One spent a month living behind the washing machine until Grandma stuffed a load of plastic bags in the gap. The other one lived behind the plant pot at the top of the stairs and only came out to steal food off both plates, get too full and leave piles of vomit on the dining room carpet for us to find in the morning. Squelch. Both were terrified of humans as they have been brought up entirely in cages that are reliable, predictable and small, unlike humans. So after trying very hard for 3 months, Grandma had a fit of being sensible and decided to return them to vendor with red tag attached, failcode - not fit for purpose/goods not as described/does not do what it says on the box.
kids ride at st marys portsea may fayrePicked up Pops at 11am and walked to St Mary's church for a go on the bouncy castle. It was very busy so we had to stick together to avoid being the 1 poor abandoned child the loudspeaker man kept going on about... "We still have a lost child"...
Coincidentally the JoniBobs were there and had commandeered a space underneath a large tree as base camp. It was quite windy so being out of what little sun there was didn't help, but we could all see it and knew where it was, which was the main thing. It was near the beer tent which may have had a bearing on the choice of site. So basically we made forays into the seething mass to hit one target and then return to base for more instructions.
pony rides st marys portsea may fayreExpedition 1. Trampolines. JoniBobs, Max, Pops.                   Child count: 4.
As we got off again, Ben happened to walk past and joined us.  Child count: 5.
Expedition 2. Bouncy Castle. JoniBobs, Max, Pops, Ben.
When we got to the front of the queue, Erin joined us.              Child count: 6.

strawberry whips sweeties for the kids
Then we split for assaults on several fronts, Pops and Erin went horseriding while Ben and I won (and immediately broke) some low-quality toy camper vans. Then the JoniBobs joined the interminable horse queue and then it was time for expensive hot dogs and chips and some kind of red string you eat called a strawberry whip. One last hurrah was the merry-go-round and then some went to the pub while Pops and I came home via large the swingpark near the prison. You know the big red metal bar you hang off before going down the slide? Well, I didn't see it so clanged my nose on it, signalling hometime. We were home for 4pm and I suddenly required sofatime.

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