Monday, 16 May 2011

99 dead balloons

funny church sign failToday Bud insisted we cut the hedge before I even thought about the television. So he got the trimmer down from the loft (obviously) and did the chopping while I used some shears to get the lower-down branches. I then swept up and filled the vast plastic plant pots with trimmings while he took them down to Colin the Compost Heap* and emptied them. I did get a brief play on the pile of leaves - who says you have to wait until autumn? However while I was doing that I did rather bang my eye socket on the metal gate latch, this is highly embarrassing and Bud says he'll take the rap and pretend he kicked me in the head to save me admitting I clanged myself on a gatepost.  
Hedge trimmings
giant compost heap
It took 6 loads to get it all down there and it looks like it's going to overflow but nothing beats our compost heap, it's a colony/processing plant of its own with the resident mice and potato plants and grillions and grillions of worms and maggots and beetles and woodlice and mushrooms and stuff.

*As Demi-god and leader of my own religion I do not technically have a religion of my own. However the Oriental Shinto comes closest to our way of thinking and we have accordingly imbued the compost heap with a spirit of its own, and a name, Colin.

Today we also say goodbye to the other hop plant cutting and 2 hops seedlings. The lucky recipient is a man called Terence Silverstar at Buds' work, he has a huge garden with chickens and pigs so the plants may take a few years to completely overwhelm it.

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