Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dragon Drop

sack raceGot a "Your child had a nose bump" ticket from school today. It goes well with my stabbed eye from yesterday, maybe I can chop off my chin as well to make a quorum. Today Bud took the hop seedlings in to work and Mr Silverstar swapped them for some sausages - made from his own pigs! We ate all of them for supper - nothing like a tube of minced animal to make supper special! He doesn't have his own sausagemaker but Old Charlie the local butcher did it for him. Jof spent the day with ErinsMum unpacking so we got loads of empty boxes for the bonfire and Erin came back to ours after school to give ErinsMum a break.
construction set foremanBud put up the net curtains while we ransacked his toolbox and used the digger and bin lorry to transport nails and screws and rawlplugs and G-clamps and lightbulbs and drill bits and other treasures.

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