Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Absurdité, Hyperactivité, Antigravité

swinging sidewaysIt was all rush rush rush this afternoon as we sped directly to B+Q to buy a mixer tap gland, of all things. When we finally found an orange gentleman he agreed we had the right one so we sped back home again to get ready for Wednesday park. Zak (and a variety of other green shirts) was there and Ben and the JoniBobs joined us for chocolate, juice and messing about in the sun. We all had a go at swinging incorrectly and getting carried around by local dignitary (or was it dromedary) Bud.
 picnic bench milton park


  1. Elliot Mintz friend of the late John Lennon

  2. So it is. You learn something new every day, especially if you're only 5.


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