Sunday, 29 May 2011

Nothing says "We're going" like a ticket in your hand

Print at home tickets
These tickets will enable us to sail on into the park via the executive channel, Pops can have the complimentary neck massage while I get plied with champers in the first class lounge.
Nipped into town to buy bath fizzers for Ben's sleepover. He can have the pink one with the rose petals in.
wave defences exposed at low tideIn the afternoon Jof deserved a nap so without any encouragement I specifically chose to go and make sandcastles on the nudist beach.
sump producing cold fresh waterNormally on a Sunday in late May, given good weather, there might be many interesting sights, as I have previously seen for myself: in fact last year I joined them.
However today was cold and windy so apart from a couple of heavily coated dogwalkers and 2 lonely Hungarian fishermen, we had the place to ourselves. The sand was not the right sort to make castles, it just collapsed when you took the bucket off so once I'd actually broken the bucket in frustration, that was pretty well it for castles and we went off to build a dam on the waterfall, one of my all-time favourite activities. Bud collected large rocks and tidal debris and I plugged the gaps with gravel using my spade.
Eastney breakwater - good place for fishingthe dangers of slipping on seaweedThen we moved further down the coast until the coast ran out. The last bit of Pompey is an old sewage outflow pipe now used by fishermen.
This is where we met the two lonely Hungarian fisherfolk who cast and reeled in repeatedly but only really succeeded in moving seaweed from one place to another. I may have slipped up on the very seaweedy concrete pontoon thing: green trouserbottoms. Then we returned to inspect our handiwork at the waterfall, it was a race against the incoming tide and a large dog that was using it as a swimming pool.
I've done so much work with the 2½ hour investiga-thon I think tonight's supper should be Horse à la carte.

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