Monday, 31 October 2016

Promotion, with Zombies

adopted kid funny failThis morning I was just arguing with Jof about making me hurry to school when I unexpectedly met Bud: I said 'Oh, that's because you've lost your job', he was not impressed methinks.
Today I took in my forged POW ID card from the Scouting Lamps trophy. 2 other people in my class were contestants, I wonder whether they kept their ID badges or destroyed their documents at the border and claimed asylum as a nationless stowaway.
In the end, only they got to do a show'n'tell, but I did find out that one of the groups got so repeatedly lost, the Explorers were sent out to retrieve them.
At my dentists appointment I was worried that I'd be forced to wear braces, possibly leaving me unable to eat pasta, and ruining my good looks (and enhancing them in the long term, of course), but the dentist said no braces yet, but if I don't brush more I'll be getting a filling next time.
The immediacy of this tangible threat with the drilling and the needles and the manacles and the screaming suddenly seemed worse than braces.
boy on a space hopper at halloweenIt was barely 530 when the first bloodthirsty demons came to the door for sugary handouts and hey presto it was the annoying girl who looks good on the outside but is distinctly crunchy on the inside. Lucky we gave them the chocolate with the laxatives. Later we got Caspar the Very Creditable Cubscout, Mad Rosie and Loud Poppy.
At Cub Scouts the three of us who have come of age did our rite of passage ceremony which is to bounce across the room on a Space Hopper and shake the hands of the welcoming Scout Scouts. It was funny, with a room full of Zombies and Skeletons and Undeads and so forth. I liked being Top Dog in Cubs, now I have to be Little Puppy in Scouts. We played loud games and ran around screaming which was just fine by us. Now I have a whole 3rd generation of badges to get.

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