Friday, 7 October 2016

Testing Times in Emerald City

Today was the culmination of the mathematical testing triad. I got 10/10 in the spelling test and came joint top in the maths! Perhaps I'm not a dunce after all and all those hours spent in the corner with the conical headpiece were wasted.
fat chick funny fail obese monstrosityI washed up the paint pots again and changed my library book from a Potter to a 'Beast Quest' in which Arcta, the Mountain Giant, gets a right old beasting.
Yet again it was Sham day. We walked home and at the traffic lights, were again surprised by an elderly driver who attempted to kill us by running the red light. Yesterday it was an old Codger, today an old Ratbag, but when you're kissing the fender of a Ford Escort it doesn't really matter.
We got 2 and a half hours of advanced Minecrafting while Bud thoughtfully stayed out of the way, cleaning the garage in blatant displacement activity. At the moment we are killing pigs to get emeralds to pay for armour to fight the Ender-Dragon to get the egg. After supper I finished the entire Beastly book in one go. Incidentally, today Bud crashed a pallet truck into the fire alarm, destroying it and evacuating the building.

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