Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Tiredness Kills. But so do Guns

PMT illogical females feeling complicatedYesterday we all had a long tough day even though theoretically most of it was spent sitting in a coach getting transported around the country. So last night I drowsed my way to bed at a decent time and he said read for 5 minutes and switch off your light, get all that beauty sleep, it has to work sooner or later.
And I did read for 5 minutes. Well, it had a 5 in it. And I got told off because it was obvious I needed the sleep so he said he'd wake me up nice and early to ask me if I'd follow instructions next time.
And so at 0513 he shook me awake to ask me if I'd do what I was told next time, and I didn't like it.
portsmouth scout shooting club hilseaAnd so we were all a bit strung out at school today and one of us fell asleep during a maths test and had to do it again during playtime and I saw him doing a question and then spanking himself right in his gemmules of inheritance to keep himself awake. Later we had a music lesson with no music, in which we moved the instruments to a new room. I carried a box of cowbells and 2 trumpets.
Later we drove to Hilsea Scout Hut and I was taught to shoot again.
portsmouth hilsea shooting club airgunsAges ago I handled a shotgun and turned down the chance to blow holes in cardboard boxes, but I did shoot cat food tins with an airgun in our last house 3 years ago, when we had a garden. But this was a more organized affair with 3 of my fellow Cubs and some assorted Scouts.
I discovered that my right eye is my dominant one which is handy as I'm right-handed. Then, because we'd been told to STFU and let the Range Captain speak, we were so quiet and attentive that we got 2 rounds of shooting instead of the normal one. The guy in charge is comically far up his own butt but he's got some decent weapons and we shot 5 lead pellets into a target about 15 feet away, in a floodlit room. My first salvo scored 39/50 but my second was pants because the gun weighs 2 1/2 pounds and my arm got tired holding it steady. We had to wash our hands to not get lead poisoning. One of my co-shooters was chewing gum and missed the target and shot the tinfoil mattress thing.
Hooray! I shot things, and didn't kill anyone. It was epic.

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