Friday, 14 October 2016

Verity Lungbutter, Inventor of the Adjustable Wench

skatepark trick jump winJof was almost good enough to go to work today and woke me up for the second time after I'd gone back to sleep a bit. These alarm clocks are just hinting at possible futures, they don't rule my life.
Well, we visited a rival junior school and learned about music in a hands-on way: Jamaican music is something they do of their own accord with that nice music out of 'Commando' and Tongan music was war canoe-biased with a definite Haka drum beat with added tattooed shouting warriors in grass skirts. I believe there may be an opening for a Haka at the Ministry of Silly Walks, you can just see Mr Cleese doing it. The 'Music Festival' was pretty brief, though, and soon enough we were back at school missing Extra-Maths but doing a long PE lesson.
safety at work workwear hi vis clothing
We did a team-building variation on a theme of tennis with a bench and teams of 3 and we had to report our victories and losses and Child A lied about Team A's record and it set off such an argument we had to go inside and read in silence for the rest of the lesson. This is why I was angry for the rest of the day, and don't tell me I'm being silly, for I am contrary to ordinary.
And poor old Amber cut her leg open and we were all told to cheer her up and make her laugh and while 30 kids rolling their eyes and dancing in circles is all very well, it was my manic goose impression that did the trick.
Later Bud and I went to Giant B+Q to buy a new brightly-coloured top for the Great South Run next week. All the yellow jackets were coats or XXXXL (American) so orange it is. I still have the sour-puss face but got better later, honest. Even later I played Minecraft with a girl who said she was 25, I'll be meeting her again in our special cyber-dungeon, mmm.

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