Thursday, 13 October 2016

Like a Worm in Tequila

open scissors packet with scissors sheffield steel failThe day started well for me, but badly for Jof. She had Exploding Tum Syndrome and I had to take her phone to her and be concerned as she curled up in a corner and looked pale and wan. But that did give me the chance to do everything else myself, with the breakfast and the getting to school on my own etc.
In school we had the first Extra Maths tutorial which was difficult. The teacher said it was an easy introduction, but lots of us had severe trouble. In Art we coloured in the Roy Lichtenstein-style frames we made earlier, and one of us got angry again. He has the Rage (not rabid hydrophobia in French) and is well known for sounding off amusingly and getting sent out. Then he told the teacher to shut up and was sent out.
And that was it, really, apart from clearing up the art room again (she called me awesome) and donating more reels of scrap labels from a well-known local company which is closing down. Jof was still in bed and amazingly didn't appreciate me lying on her and massaging the nearest foot, poor girl. In the evening she got out of bed for 3 hours before giving up and going back, excellent news for me as I got hours and hours of Minecraft-Youtube-videos because I had to 'be quiet'.

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