Friday, 28 October 2016

A Handful of Guerrilla's Nuts

planting trees milton common moorings way reclaimed landDeep in the night I awoke from a complicated dream about being back in the prison camp and trying to break out, but every bit of the island had a fence around it and I kept getting seen in the spotlights until I dug under my bed and made a tunnel to the shoreline and boarded an asylum-seeker boat.
Today I had a playdate with Ben and the JBs and possibly Bad Stanley so we cycled to Ben's house early to do some guerrilla gardening. The common is a big wild place where you're never too far from some bricks or a blackberry bush because it was all reclaimed from the sea by filling it with broken houses and sticking topsoil on it.
boys playing bottle flipWe took along a bagful of conkers and acorns from the park and those nuts you get at christmas and some beech tree seeds from Grandad's place and some sweet pea seeds from by the motorway and tried to bury them for next year like some manic squirrel. As before we had a silly idea of making a big giant M out of trees that you could see from Google Earth but it never works out that way.
The slopes by the new paths were much tougher to dig into than we thought because of all the tractors tamping it down but gradually we planted a load of nuts, attracting only a few suspicious glances from dog walkers and a really big rat we saw by the roadside.
Then I made it to Ben's place dead on time and the JBs got in and Team Puddle was active once more. Problem was, we're self-expanding. So, we cycled out on the bumpy paths. Then we did bottle-flip in the back yard. Then we did bottle-flip out of the open upstairs windows.
illuminati sweaty boys in trampoline partyThen we said, flip is such a flippin' excellent word, can we go to flip-out, which is a trampoline-frenzy place like many other soft-play venues, with madness, and blackjack, and hookers. When Pizza Hut was mentioned, there was no going back, srsly, do not even. 2 cars were chosen and payment was made and we invaded the trampolines and troubled the safety officials and the lights went onto strobe and acid house settings which was fine by us.
It looked like we were slow-motioning through the air with green and red trail hallucinations as we hardcored the night away until it was time for Pizza. Further kiddie parties just made everything louder and we had chips and dessert and I was dropped off at home at nearly 10 but it was only my legs that were complaining but with added night-time milk and a shower I realized that bedtime is what I suddenly really needed. When you have Top Mates who have Top Mummies who help make the whole world happen for you, this is what you'll miss, in lots of ways, trust me on this, although I do not yet truly recognize it.

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