Saturday, 15 October 2016

Accident at Mr Hall's Ropery

tonys curios elm grove southseaIdeally, Saturdays are relaxed affairs with relaxation and low-impact gaps. But, reality does not always match the well-laid plans of predestination.
First, I was happily enjoying my second hour of Youtube Minecraft videos when he said have you had breakfast yet, because otherwise you will be hungry.
So then he insisted on doing a hands-off teaching course of how to make my own boiled egg with toastie soldiers of varying rank, with all the patronizing questions like how are you going to spread the margarine and how are you going to provide this 'boiling water' of which you speak. So, we were a little behind schedule. Then, the pre-arranged taxi arrived, about 5 minutes before we were ready. And Jof texted to say can you buy me more milk and put some more money in the car park meter, and we almost had time to do that. Because Bud's work is closing, many unwanted parts will be going in the bin so certain items are salvaged such as (in this case) 3 brass gas pressure dials.
groundlings theatre portsea beer festivalSome chap called Tony makes steampunk items under the name of Tony's Curios so we donated 3 dials to this Curious Tony character in return for this picture and the safe knowledge that the bits wouldn't just be thrown away.
Then we did what Jof asked and that made me 20 minutes late for acting but by then I was angry anyway, one of those pre-teenager angst things, and Miss Bossy Boots did not help. We are due to play Victorian street kids again with a ropey script about Mr Foster and Mr Givens and Mr Siddons. After acting, Jof took me for lunch and a quiet afternoon on the sofa, several hours until the idiot man returned from the beer festival and burned supper for us.

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