Thursday, 27 October 2016

Boys from the Wet Stuff

Thursday. Bud got on his bike to look for work which is entirely untrue because he walked. Jobcentres have become armoured buildings under constant surveillance and with numerous GS4 guards, not like they used to be.
southsea sunken rock garden by pyramidsI loitered inside and completed my KS2 homework and then the JBs arrived. This was the promised diversion for me: with this arrangement, Jof doesn't have to interact with kids apart from periodically telling us to stop shouting. We used my bedroom to create giant penises out of Lego Hero components, then went to the Pyramids to discover an hour-long wait only once we'd paid for the car park. This was no problem for us as we played attack/evade in the sunken garden and then more of the same in the pools when our wristbands activated.
Full of chlorine, we had a couple of sandwiches and played attack chase hide'n'seek upstairs with guns until they went. I had Scout homework and the other KS2 homework and getting-my-stuff-together-for-Scout-camp work which he totally sprung on me so I got angry but in the end it was all done and I went back to Pokéminecraft Cyber-land forever.

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