Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Junior Great South Run 2016

Up first even though nobody was hung over. Because voice-google always interrupts ("I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that") when Bud comes in and asks me what I want for breakfast, I had the surreal experience of asking my tablet "OK, Google, how do I turn off OK Google?"
great south run southsea portsmouthThis time last year I did the Junior Great South Run and it was tough but straight away I insisted on buying a ticket for this year, and I was looking forward to it. But first came acting and we met in the basement of the Royal Maritime Club again because the theatre was hosting a wedding. We jumped and danced and acted and I am now playing the biggest part of the Ropery play but with some redactions to make it more manageable.
10 minutes before the end I was extracted by Bud and Jof did the getaway driving which is why we went backwards into a traffic jam. But we got to the seafront and I changed in the car and the run # card was attached to my shirt and I made my way to the start line-up where the same bloke as last year shouted at us for 10 minutes about not starting too quickly and balancing our plasma electrolytes and stuff, so I did that. Once the 16 year-olds had gone, my wave departed and I ran round dutifully in the splendid autumnal sunshine, noting the drum band by the Sea Life Centre and the huge distances I was supposed to run.
Finally, I was in the home straight and a hairy man with a microphone picked me out for a high-5 and I finished and got my goodie-bag with medal and shirt (blankety-blank chequepen and book inexplicably missing this year). And I was 21 seconds quicker than last year!
eye and hexagon mural goldsmith avenue portsmouth
This was the end of my exertions for the day and Jof drove me home for lunch and Minecraft. Bud did shopping and got fireworks and a keg of 'Speckled Hen' for some kind of party soon. This rather large mural has recently appeared in the Little Tesco car park near me and is by my old friend MyDogSighs: he provides much of the street art in our town. It is a spankingly good improvement on the blank wall it was before. Film night was 'F/X: Murder by Illusion' (1986) because if you're going to be a film star, you need to know about special effects and how they worked before the entire film was made on a computer. With any movie, I have the ability to watch 80% of it and then, when the main character comes on screen, ask "who's that?"

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